Congregation of Marian Fathers

The Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Congregatio Clericorum Marianorum ab Immaculate Conceptionis B.V.M.: MIC) is a clerical religious congregation founded in Poland in 1673 by Fr. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczyński, and in the years 1909-1910, it was renewed and reformed by a Lithuanian, Blessed George Matulaitis-Matulewicz († 1927).…continue reading
Shortly before World War II, on March 1, 1939, three Lithuanian priests, members of St. Casimir’s Province in the U.S., arrived in Argentina to serve as pastors among the spiritually neglected Lithuanian immigrants. They focused their efforts on working with the poorest people living on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. To this day, the work of assistance to the poor and the needy remains — alongside evangelization — a key aspect of the Marians’ work in Argentina…continue reading
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